TTC (10’)


TTC (Trains, Trams and Cicadas) was first conceived during a period of 4 days in August 2011 in Toronto, Canada, as part of the New Adventures of Sound Art Composition Intensive which was supervised by Professor Jonty Harrison (University of Birmingham, UK). It was then revised upon my return to the UK.

It is intended as a short stereo acousmatic work to be diffused over a diffusion system.

The main sound sources used in the work, had been collected during my travelling between my accommodation in St George Street (Downtown Toronto), and the venue for the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium and the Composition Intensive at Wychwood Barn (slightly north of Downtown.) In particular during a sound walk on a clear, sunny evening along the same route as I took public transport, and the following evening when I used the public transit system.
In the piece, I try to explore and share my new found environment with the listener and convey some of the soundscapes I experienced during my time in Canada.

My trip to NAISA Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium and the Composition Intensive was generously supported by Creative Scotland’s Creative Development scheme, and the University of Edinburgh Music Department.

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