Vorstellen (4’)


‘Vorstellen’ is an acousmatic piece of work intended to be diffused over a multi-channel loudspeaker system.

The work is derived from a field recording I made at the World Firework championships in Berlin.


For sometime, I have been fascinated by the human perception of sound. This work attempts to explore an aspect of this – the listener’s perception of sound and how it can be affected when a sense is taken away.


In this piece, I explored what happens when one takes away the imagery usually associated with a particular sound. As I discovered, the imagery can change dramatically from being at a real world firework display, to be thrown into a unreal war zone, or a factory or a completely unreal dreamlike world.


I felt that carrying out this exercise with a recording of fireworks would be particularly appropriate as I find that the sound without the image carries so many different connotations and images when hearing the sound out of context.

Therefore, in this piece, I attempt- through music and sound- to depict the images I hear when hearing a firework salvo.

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