Tout autour de la montagne

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To John Young ...

    (…Prologue):0’00”: dur. 0’56”
    (…Parc): 0’57”: dur. 1’55”
    (…Ligne Verte): 2’53”: dur. 1’24”
    (… Ile Notre-Dame): 4’17”: dur. 2’07”
    (…Sur le Trottoir…): 6’24”: dur. 3’00”

What is a city? Places within a ‘place’. Spaces within a ‘space. All is not as it seems… Spaces speak with sounds, melodies… noise… What does it conceal? Peeling back the layers of sound, what will it reveal?

Tout Autour de la Montagne (All Around the Mountain) is a cycle of short acousmatic spaces created with field recordings made during fall 2014 in Montréal. The title is derived from the mountain upon which the island of Montreal is named (lit. Mount- Royal) and around which everything in the city is based. Concealed within the island, are numerous space, hidden, and just waiting to be explored. Within the work, each ‘space’ has a similar formal approach to manipulating the sounds to reveal different and ultimately surprising, unexpected sonic spaces.

Tout Autour de la Montagne was realised in the studios of the Université de Montréal during the fall of 2014. I wish to express my gratitude towards the funding bodies who funded my residency in Montréal- De Montfort University (The Arts and Humanities Research Council Support Grant )The Scottish International Educational trust who awarded me a fellowship to support my work in Canada., and to De Montfort University Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, and the Faculté de Musique de Université de Montréal for their overwhelming support of the project. Tout Autour de la Montagne was awarded a mention in the 2015 Destellos Composition Competition.

Special thanks to Robert Normandeau.